Ninja Sauce

For pain relief & rapid healing


$ 29.99 – 1/2 ounce bottle

Lakshmi Stretch Sauce

Designed for yoga & massage therapy


$ 29.99 – 1/2 ounce bottle


“Ninja Sauce: The secret sauce works! It worked on my bruises, sprains, strains, and even helped relieve some lingering pain from a severely dislocated shoulder. The warmth generated by rubbing the secret sauce directly on the injury immediately brought relief and the cooling from the menthol is a perfect combination. It is a must have in the tool chest of self care for anyone who plays as hard as they work. It works so well I’m out of my sample size. Thanks Karl!”

Greg Carroll

“I’ve been dealing with a shoulder injury for a few months and tried several types of healing techniques, including 10 sessions of physical therapy, massages, acupuncture with some results but definitely not as clear as the Ninja Sauce. The sauce has been showing the best results so far and helping me get back to an active life as a soccer coach and player. Actually today I just played my first game after 3 months. I am not 100% yet, but the Ninja Sauce has definitely been helping me get back quicker to my regular activities and routine. As a coach I would recommend players having that in their medicine cabinets at home for all the injuries that happen in the sport.”

Eduardo Araujo Director of Coaching at Rose City Futsal

“I recently had a patella fracture playing Futsal and ever since Karl showed me the Ninja Sauce, its been my main source of pain relief. Ninja Sauce is something that i apply before and after any physical activity or anytime when i’m in pain.”

Wesley Breitner coach/player at Rose City Futsal

“In 2006 I severed my right ACL and damaged the meniscus in an accident. While waiting for surgery, I had another accident which severed the left ACL and damaged that meniscus. Because I could not have surgery on both knees at the same time, I had the left one worked on as that was the newest injury. I lost most muscle mass in both legs and literally had to learn again how to walk and build up muscle from scratch. It’s been an interesting journey as I have been able to see how my body naturally healed with my right knee (as I was never able to get a second surgery) and the healing result of conventional surgery with my left. My left knee has very little feeling in it from the nerve damage as a result of surgery. Both knees work fine but do crack, pop, and give me pain during my day to day activities. With my day job as a cook, I am on my feet a lot and also bending at the knees while reaching into lowboys etc. I have been using the Ninja Sauce on my knees before starting my day and I have definitely found improvement with the pain and my knees aren’t “popping” and “clicking” as much. Ninja Sauce will forever be in my medicine cabinet as I have found it to work extremely well with no negative side effects. I have also used it on my back for usual back pain and it has diminished that pain! I am in full support of this product and can’t wait to see it available to more people so they too can find healing.”

Ashlea Stinnett

I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 27 years. That’s a lot of time on my feet. I have back, leg and foot pain every day. I was able to get some Ninja Sauce and have used it every morning. It has helped tremendously. I can move and bend without pain. I feel it is healing more than just releaving. Thank you.

John Kiphart owner/operator of The Angry Unicorn

Okay here goes. Definitely wanna try the new stuff. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but I have noticed a difference. I have used many products on my foot with RSD/CRPS which affects the nervous system causing burning pain, muscle cramping, and temperature and color changes. The ninja sauce provided relief from the very first use. I love that it is a liniment in liquid form rather than a greasy salve. I have since used it for other ailments such as sore muscles and ITband syndrome. It starts to relieve pain and relax the muscles instantly and in only the areas you want it. The menthol effect is mild, not overpowering, and I can tell that there are some deeply powerful healing herbs in there too.

Roan Fuller

I’ve used Karl’s “ninja sauce” several times this past month…for soothing effects felt immediately after a hard days work, or after some serious exercise…the ninja sauce helps my sore areas feel at ease and normal almost immediately after I apply it! I love this stuff!!

Josh Hearst

I used ninja sauce on my sore shoulder and right arm. It was warm and soothing. It helped with managing pain as I healed. I also used it for my son when he broke his collar bone and always gave him instant relief. It’s very pleasant smelling, non greasy and absorbed into skin very quickly.


As a lifelong athlete and a general contractor for the last 20 years, I wake up every morning with aches and pains, particularly in my lower back. Ninja Sauce has now become part of my daily routine for getting my body ready for work. The product’s warm soothing penetration helps loosen up my back and hips and its pleasant smell helps to wake me up and focus on my day.

Matthew Hogan

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